How to increase energy efficiency in your business

How to increase energy efficiency in your business

Improving the energy efficiency of your business can have a wide range of benefits for both your organisation and, of course, the wider planet.

As the climate crisis continues to upend lives the world over, it’s imperative that individuals and organisations take action to ensure that extremes in climate do not impact future generations even more.

Read on for practical tips about how you can make your business more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Why is energy efficiency important to businesses? 

The benefits to your business by improving energy efficiency and committing to eco-friendly policies are multi-faceted.

Opting for energy-efficient processes may help to reduce your overheads, which can be especially useful at a time when all manner of business costs are on the up, including raw materials, transportation and energy bills themselves.

Your brand image may also receive a positive glow if you can prove how your company is committing to the planet, potentially attracting more customers and investors.

Ways to improve your business’ energy-efficiency

Here are some of the ways that you can cut down on your energy costs and help safeguard Earth’s future in the process.

Solar panels and renewable energy

Some suppliers may allow you to switch to a tariff that prioritises renewable energy sources over coal and gas.

You may also be able to install renewable energy sources at your premises, such as solar panels. By connecting your solar grid to the national grid using power cables like those from RS, you may be able to earn money while the sun shines. 

Heating efficiency

Upgrading your heating system to an air-source ground pump can save you in the long run and does not contribute to climate change in the same way as conventional gas boilers.

Also, consider whether your premises is efficient from an insulation standpoint. A properly insulated building will require you to use your heating more infrequently.

Assess your suppliers

Moving to suppliers that are more sustainable could involve switching to ones providing local produce and materials or others that focus on using materials made from recycled materials.

A more sustainable supplier may not necessarily be the cheapest, but working with sustainable suppliers is an important factor to shout about as you go about expanding your customer base.

Electric appliances

Whether you operate heavy machinery or simply have a coffee machine in an office, ensuring that devices and appliances are up to date is a helpful way of maintaining good levels of energy efficiency.

Older appliances may end up using more energy if they are damaged or outdated, so be sure to regularly test items to ensure that you are aware of when they need to be replaced.

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