Gold Rush Fun88 – Old but Gold Game for Gamers

Gold Rush Fun88 – Old but Gold Game for Gamers

At Fun88, the Gold Rush Fun88 game is becoming a new game trend that every gamer wants to play. Because the gameplay is not too difficult with huge rewards, it attracts many gamers every day. So have you tried to learn about Gold Rush yet? Let’s find out the article shared below.

Overview of Gold Rush at Fun88

To be able to play smoothly, gamers need to understand what this concept is.

Features of Gold Rush

When playing Gold Rush, you will be transformed into a professional miner. From there began the search for rare metals. Gold Rush is played on a 3×5 matrix. This matrix will make it easier for gamers to see the icons and play. 

The gold mining-themed design is also very nice. Extremely eye-catching interface with beautiful graphic design. Clear sound helps to stimulate the playing process more.

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Gold Rush Fun88 game image is careful with every detail. From gold ore, carts, miners, etc. Everything that happens in the game is a bit nostalgic but very true. 

A great and unique feature of Gold Rush at Fun88 is the free spins. The appearance of this feature helps gamers actively collect more symbols. From there exchange more spins, improving the chances of earning more money. In the slot game market, this is a huge plus. 

The bet level and the bonus level 

Currently, the house regulates the minimum bet for each Gold Rush game at Fun88 is 50,000 VND. The maximum bet is 5,000,000 VND. The house will pay the winner at the rate of 96.5%. This means that the bonus received is 161 times higher than the original bet amount.

This Gold Rush Fun88 game has varying volatility from low to high. This means that you will receive different bonuses. However, don’t worry, the odds of getting a big bonus are very high. To increase the number of rewards, you need to actively collect more free spins. 

Collection of symbols appearing in Gold Rush

When playing the Gold Rush Fun88 game, gamers will see the appearance of icons. Here are some key icons:

Scatter icon

The Scatter icon is pictured as a trolley. There is also a yellow flame on the torch. When playing Gold Rush Fun88 will see Scatter on reels 2, 3, and 4. In the case of lucky spins, when players hit this symbol, they will get 2 free rounds. 

Wild symbol

The image of the dynamite is the symbol of the Wild in Gold Rush Fun88. Usually, this red symbol appears on the 3 middle reels. This is considered the most powerful symbol when it can replace all other symbols. However, it will not replace the Scatter icon.

Other icons

  • Old Man Gold Digger: Collecting 5 symbols at the same time will receive a 20 times bonus. 
  • Gold Truck: for this symbol, you will receive a 1:16 bonus.
  • Donkey: 5 symbols appearing at the same time will receive a bonus of 12 times the original bet. 
  • Lantern: you will receive a bonus in the ratio of 1 to 8. 
  • Ax and Shovel: when 5 symbols appear, it will immediately pay 4 times. 
  • Card A: you will receive 3 times more money when playing Gold Rush Fun88. 
  • Cards 10, J, Q, K, Q: 5 cards appearing at the same time will receive 2 times the bonus.

Free spins feature

In order to spin the free spins, players must collect 3 Scatter symbols. These 3 symbols must appear on 3 reels at the same time. 

When participating in the Gold Rush Fun88 game, each gamer will receive 10 super spins. With these rounds, it is necessary to go through 4 different levels. Each round the player needs to collect all the specified symbols: 

  • Level 1: give 3 old gold diggers 0 to 4 points.
  • Level 2: give 5 old gold diggers when there are 5 to 9 points.
  • Level 3: give 9 old gold diggers when there are 10 to 14 points.
  • Level 4: give 11 old gold diggers at least 15 points.

The higher the level of Gold Rush Fun88, the shorter the free spins process. This will help you to enjoy more and more big and terrible rewards from the house. With the highest level being level 5, this is also the highest and a mostly level playing level. When you reach level 5, you will receive a combo of the Wild symbol and the Gold Digger. If you persevere and play many free rounds, your wallet will no longer be empty. 

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FAQs about playing the Gold Rush slot game at Fun88

Q:  What is the minimum bet amount for Fun88 Gold Rush?

A: The minimum bet amount is 50,000 VND.

Q: How many times can I win at Fun88 Gold Rush?

A: You can win up to 161 times the original bet amount.

Q: How many free spins are available in Fun88 Gold Rush?

A: You will receive 10 super spins when participating in Fun88 Gold Rush.

Q:  What symbols appear in Fun88 Gold Rush?

A: The symbols appearing in Fun88 Gold Rush are the Scatter, Wild, Old Man Gold Digger, Gold Truck, Donkey, Lantern, Ax and Shovel, Card A, and Cards 10-K.

Q:  What is the highest level of playing Fun88 Gold Rush?

A: The highest level of Fun88 Gold Rush is Level 5. At this level, you will receive a combo of the Wild symbol and the Gold Digger.  This means that your chances of winning big rewards are greater.


This article is all information about the Gold Rush Fun88 slot game that the Fun88 house provides. Just imagining the money collected from the game makes you happy. Hope you guys will be able to earn a lot of bonuses from this game. 

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