Different Types of Hair Extensions in the Market

Different Types of Hair Extensions in the Market

There are hair extensions available for every face type and personality. So you need to get your research hat on to find the proper strand attachment. As many types are available, the most popular are the clip-ins, and the best clip in hair extensions are made from authentic human locks. 

This blog post will discuss some popular types of hair extensions. 

  1. Clip-Ins

Clip-ins are attached to your natural tresses with some tiny clips. The versatility of clip-in hair extensions enables you to create different looks and styles simply by changing how you attach them. 

For instance, you can add volume and length using multiple clips or just a few for a more subtle look. You can also style them straight or into waves or curls, depending on what look you’re going for.

To keep your clip-ins looking their best, follow these tips:

  • When applying, use conditioner on your hands to prevent tangles from forming in your locks.
  • Be careful when removing them as they may cause breakage if not taken out correctly (don’t pull!).
  • Clip-ins should be washed with shampoo at least once every two weeks—and more often if needed—but avoid putting heat on them too often because it will damage their quality over time.


If you’re new to lock extensions, this type is for you. They’re easy to use, relatively fuss-free once you get the hang of them, and less expensive than other products. That said, you must take care of them properly so they’ll last as long as possible—and if they don’t meet your expectations or needs, don’t hesitate to return them.

Weft Attachments

For a good reason, weft strand attachments are the most popular in the market. They’re easy to apply, versatile, and can be used in many hairstyles.

Weft extensions are attached to your natural locks with some wefts. 

A weft is a material that sticks out from your head like an earring. Wefts come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials; some are made from human hair, while others are synthetic or made from animal fur (yes, this exists).


Sewn-in hair attachments are the most expensive option but also the most durable. They last longer than any other kind of extension. You can wash and style them just like your own hair, and they won’t damage your natural tresses. 

  1. Micro Beads Strand Attachments

Micro bead hair extensions are a type of hair extension that is made up of tiny beads attached to your natural hair with keratin bonds. The beads themselves can be made from a variety of materials: human or synthetic material, and they can vary in size, shape, and color.

Such attachments are a popular option for people who wish to add volume and length to their locks without cutting them or using weaves or braids (which require maintenance). 

Microbeads create an appearance similar to what you’d get from braiding your locks without the time-consuming process required for braids.

If you’re looking for subtle additions to your look that won’t draw too much attention but still offer an impactful appearance update, microbeads may be right for you.


So now you know the different extension types available, you can choose the best clip-in hair extensions or micro beads hair extensions per your requirement. When buying any of these, make sure you research well about the seller and buy the products made from 100% Remy human strands from a reputable brand. 

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